Quagmire Podcast: ((((017)))) Clownin’ Around

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Hey it’s Isaac!

This weeks Podcast is called Clownin’ Around. It has songs from Baby, Pat Goddard, The Sons Of Jesuses and more! Tell us what your favorite song of the week is. Here’s the track list.

1. The Dance Of Antoine II

2. Silver Dog

3. Oh No

4. Unknown Track

5. Crack Pipe

6. You Know I Love You Baby

7. Yer Blues

8. Title O’

Hope you enjoy!


New podcast out today. Put together by Isaac. It features a Daniel Johnston cover of “Have Respect" and ends with a song about Daniel called "Sun Shines Down”.  Satan compels you to Subscribe today


Ello | quagmire


There once was this band called U2. They used to be the “biggest band in the world”. This song is about their lead singer named “Bono”. Where are U2 now? Check your spam folder. 


A Western Front - Full Blown Dave (Still FREE)

Today Apple announced that U2’s new album will be downloadable for free. They called it “a big moment music history”. 

In 1994, A Western Front’s Full Blown Dave became the first downloadable album in history. It was also FREE. 

Today we are announcing that it is still FREE and will always be FREE! This may have been a small moment in music history but it was a giant moment for Internet history.

Download it now!


Working On Next Steps

It’s been a little while since my last post. Honestly I don’t know if anyone sees this. But I feel I should at least say that I am planning on what to do next. Obviously the big thing would be to release The Sweet Life album. There will be only 500 available. They are special. The quality is high. I’m very happy with how it turned out. It will also be available on Bandcamp

I want to make a new podcast episode. I am working on a Supertronic only episode, but that might take a while. I’m remixing/recreating the song “If 9 were 6”; updating it really. For those of you that don’t know, Supertronic was an experimental electro-acoustic collective that created some noise in the mid-ninties. They performed at an Apple WWDC rave, some Burning Man events, and two of the first Internet broadcasted concerts. Then that was it. 

I’m also going to master Bab’s album Pourqoi, Liquoi, Sisz Boom Ba! at Sterling Sound in NYC. Then I’ll work on creating the packaging and vinyl pressing. After that I’m looking at creating and releasing singles from Bab’s mighty catalog. I think it would be interesting to try to make as many singles/7 inches as possible. My thinking is that the more that’s released, the better. 

There’s more that’s coming up, but this is enough for now. The bottom line is that it’s about time to get this stuff really out there. The whole point of this is to get people to hear the music. 

Bab (Tim Alexander) at work. LA 1984.

Bab (Tim Alexander) at work. LA 1984.

A couple of copies of The Sweet Life - Mexico City Heart for sale at Undefeated Records. Only place to buy until January. #vinyl (at Undefeated Records)

A couple of copies of The Sweet Life - Mexico City Heart for sale at Undefeated Records. Only place to buy until January. #vinyl (at Undefeated Records)

Christmas Morning! #awesternfront #awf

Christmas Morning! #awesternfront #awf


Bab and A Western Front recorded a couple of albums for Christmas in the 80’s. This was before I knew them. He wrote original Christmas songs and blended them into others to make these albums. I imagine they gave them away on cassettes. On Christmas of 2001, Bab made a Christmas single with a re-recording of Ring The Bell (Christmas Time Is Here) and a new song called Come Adore. 9/11 really affected him and he wanted to do something special that year. Turns out that Come Adore is one of Bab’s most gut wrenching songs, but somehow works as a modern Christmas song… especially for that time. Bab loved Christmas. I think he was really into its meaning and message. The spirit of “peace on earth and goodwill toward men”. He wanted that. He really wanted that.

Bab was one of the most generous people I knew. He was always giving me thoughtful things for no reason. He loved getting things for the kids too. Birthdays, Christmas, whatever. He mostly gave his time. And that also meant his music. He spent so much time on his music. But it wasn’t for him it was for you. It was for everyone. This is why I have to make these podcasts, and why I must release his albums properly. He made his music for you.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this episode with all its quirks. Happy Holidays! And thank you for listening.


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Here’s some archival video of A WESTERN FRONT doing a soundcheck rehearsal at Marsugi’s, San Jose, CA on April 9, 1988. In this clip you see them perform the Pink Floyd song “See Emily Play,” and see some very rare footage from this long-extinct nightclub and get a peek of what SOFA used to look like,

Video by Eric Predoehl, who’s been sitting on this stuff for many years… wishing he had better audio for this stuff….


A Western Front - Joan of Arc 

Tim Alexander - Guitar

Robert Cota - Bass

Dan Sanders - Keyboards

Johnny Pop - Drums

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